What is iMessage?
July 21, 2017

How to use iMessage on Windows pc?

I enjoy using Whats App and Facebook Messenger, But my favorite is Apple Messgaes App accros idevices. iMessege is an outstanding text SMS,MMS and chatting application. My many friends they use windows crave to use iMesseage. They ask me how to use iMessage on Windows pc?


Finally, I decided to  help that friends who use to iMessege on windows.

So, how to get iMessege on your windows pc? Well first of all make sure you have Mac pc with windows and enable with iMessage. You’ll need to download and installed Google chrome browser.

This thing to use

(1). In finder go to appication and find Message.Set up that app,if youn don’t done priviously.

(2). Open your Google Chorme Browser. Then, head on over to the Chrome Web Store and get the Chrome remote desktop application. You’ll have follow the same steps on your Windows PC below as you will for Mac.

(3). Once installed and auanch the app

4). On your Mac you have to download chrome Remote Desktop host installer.

(4). Once it downloaded, install the same on your Mac.

(5).  After you’ve setup the Google Chrome browser with the Chrome remote desktop app you should see your Mac computer from Windows.  You’ll also see your Windows computer from your Mac.

Select your Mac computer’s name from the list of computers in the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

The next thing your  see is your Mac display on your Windows computer screen.  Now you can use iMessage in the right from your Windows computer,Mac through Windows and continue to use Windows for whatever other tasks you may be doing.

Now you are able to iMessage in your Windows PC. Then, make the connection between your Mac and Windows computers and you’re ready to work, play and chat without switching between messaging applications.